Cold Cuts

Today we’re serving up a platter of circles, squares, and triangles, sprinkled with a little lemon zest.

• Nicky Walsh’s Bauhaus Breakfast juices up the rigid geometry of the 1920s school. The clean lines and intersecting planes of László Moholy-Nagy’s Constructivist compositions find their parallels in morsels of food and precise table settings.

• The Gianfranco Ferre Fall 2013 Collection echoed Bauhaus architecture with swooping collars and sharp tailoring.

• Josef Albers’ Homage to the Square depicts rays of the sun with squares nestled in mathematically precise intervals. Albers was a student at the Bauhaus and adapted its clean geometry to his abstract work.

• Emma’s Yellow on Cream is a screen print that gives a dash of sunshine to your wall.

• Angie’s Necklace suspends an abstract composition of wood and acrylic beads from a brass ball chain.

• Elisavet’s Earrings are tiny yellow flags on titanium posts accented with white seed beads.

• Julie’s Circle Print is a striking combination of yellow, black, and bright white.

• Jesús Perea’s Abstract Composition XLVII fragments vintage images of swimmers in a manner reminiscent of Hannah Hoch’s collages.

• Rowan Shaw’s Necklace links together dark brown and black rubber circles with a stainless steel wire.

• Zaum’s Laptop Bag contrasts dark gray and yellow vinyl on the outside and a bold geometric print on the inside.

• Nan Lawson’s Triangles print stacks a gold and gray pyramid on an off-white background.