City Scenes

I become pretty angry and frustrated when tourists walk slowly in busy areas due to their need to look up constantly while incessantly taking pictures of tall buildings and flashy signs. Therefore, I try to avoid walking through these places, as it only succeeds in elevating my level of anxiety and awareness of how much time is wasted just by dodging passersby. Frequent walks along city streets also dull my sense of seeing anything interesting in ubiquitous concrete structures. However, when I tried to photograph them as a way to make my walk from the MoMa to the upper west side not seem completely useless, I found many compositions that were worth capturing. Architecture from different angles was intriguing, especially when there are so many different styles grouped tightly together. Dogs and people are alike in the sense that both are absorbed in their own problems and thoughts (the word I wanted to put was ponderings, and I was disappointed to find out that it was not in the dictionary), which makes them unsuspecting and favorable as subjects. I took several more photos that were purely architectural, but, for now, please enjoy a taste of 5th avenue.

Photos by Katrina