• Fra Angelico’s Annunciatory Angel hovers between saintly and sumptuous, with robes that appear to be made of pink velvet and wings layered like peacock feathers.

• The Jaharis Lectionary includes four portraits of evangelists framed by a thick, detailed border similar to cloisonné enamel ware.

• The Annunciation from a Book of Hours was meant for private hands, and judging by the amount of gold leaf on a single page, these hands must have had the gold to pay for it.

• This manuscript leaf illustrates the English psalter Agony in the Garden and dates back to 1270.

• This Book Cover Plaque is one of the first examples of the champlevé technique perfected by the renowned Limoges enamelers. Enamel on copper is as vivid today as it was in the twelfth century.