• M.C. Escher’s Sky and Water lifts a school of fish out of water and transforms them into birds. Escher noted that “in the horizontal central strip there are birds and fish equivalent to each other.”

• The Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 Collection played with bold colors, checkerboards, and the cheerful vibe of sixties fashion. The models came out in pairs to show subtle variations on a minimalist theme.

• Anna and Neale’s Stoneware Bowl creates a whirlpool of black-and-white checkers.

• This Buckle by Steel Toe Studios is a lightweight grid made of steel.

• Kostas’ Desk Lamp was inspired by the checkered flags of motor speed races.

• Nathan’s Sugar Jar has a loose checkerboard design with washes of sea green.

• Jan’s Checkerboard Earrings frames two tiers of antique mother of pearl mosaic in sterling silver and ends with a touch of black garnet.

• Victor Vasarely’s Eridan II abstracts the optical illusions and mirror imagery of Escher. While Escher used birds to suggest flight, Vasarely’s grid suggests movement with slight distortions of a square.

Twiggy looks like a 60s folk dancer in Bill Gibb.

• Trouni’s Business Card Case has a woven checkerboard of black straw and metal case that will seal the deal even before you give out your card.

• Hanna’s Clutch is a classic purse with a checkered pattern and white satin lining.

• Sheela and Archana’s Pillow creates an alternating checkered pattern with satin ribbons.

• On your next night of swing dancing, put on Lana and Kat’s retro-inspired Gingham Dress.

• Jackie’s Pitcher is made from two gourds, giving it a rounded shape that complements the geometric checkerboard pattern.