Cardboard Craft

It’s amazing what one can do with a few scraps of cardboard. These artists have layered, laser cut, folded, and painted the humble material in clever ways.

• WK’s Recycled Cardboard Series turn scraps of cardboard into alternate maps of New York. The torn edges, torn labels, and uneven masking tape frame an anatomical skull drawing and distorted figure.

• EVOL’s Cityscapes capture the cinematic sweep and quiet atmosphere of Edward Hopper’s work. This time, the facades of buildings are the worn surfaces of cardboard, stenciled and spray painted with windows and balconies.

• Makoto Orisaki’s Origami Ball was created using a special blade that perforates cardboard so the stiff material can fold into intricate forms.

• Alex Papadopoulos’ Lamp is made of cardboard layered in a beehive fashion.

• Allie Anderson’s P is one of her decorative letters split between paint and natural texture.

• Hauspanther’s Stacks are cat toys made out of cardboard pieces that give your feline plenty of angles to play with.

• Cardboard Safari’s Bull Trophy is a head and horns made of laser-cut cardboard that you can assemble easily.

• This Lamp by Papermood Designs is a snowball of cardboard discs suspended from a transparent cable.

• Tanya Ivanov’s Waterfall and Spring Flowers are sets of cards made from recycled cardboard boxes.

• Charlotte Duffy’s High Top is a shoe sculpture made of cardboard and finished with black ink details.