Bosch Books

We’ve wandered through purple and grey labyrinths looking for printed perspective, and we continue our search guided by an erudite platypus.

• Zen Sekizawa’s Listen to the Echoes series documents Ray Bradbury’s home, or a museum of all the things – or metaphors as he calls them – that have inspired him.

• Kristiina Lahde’s Hive is a column of stacked honeycombs made from telephone books.

• Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights includes a platypus reading in paradise. Why not?

• Wasinee Cherklintaste’s Story Memory is a book sculpture filled with a shelf of small volumes, lamps, maps, and postcards.

• Benjamin’s Wall Appliques are starbursts made from the pages of novels.

• Malena Valcarcel’s Necklace strings together squares of book paper for a modern take on Elizabethan collars. Her Burn Me sculpture has a decorative pattern burned into one of its pages, and you can illuminate it by placing a LED light inside.

• Modulem’s Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow is a river of book slices, some stained with tea.

• Dorisse’s Paper Sculpture is folded from the pages of a Harry Potter book.

• Susan Hoerth’s Sunday Afternoon transforms a book reclaimed from the Salvation Army into a fantastical carousel ride.

• Keri Muller’s Africa Reinvented is a cluster of pinwheels made from old paperbacks.