Blurred Lines

How much can you play around with the grid, keeping its basic structure but messing with the edges and proportions?

• Sol LeWitt’s Serial Structures reflect his interest in the work of late 19th century photographer Edward Muybridge, whose studies of motion spread out over grids. Lewitt takes the grid, a static and purely functional element of Muybridge’s photography, and builds structural variations in the same way that a body completes movement.

• Wolfgang Laib’s Unlimited Ocean is a sprawling grid consisting of piles of white rice.

• The Ochne Titel Fall 2013 Collection included mathematically precise grid prints, becoming smaller near the waist for a slimming effect.

• David Ballinger’s photograph of a Glass Building in Paris captures a rich landscape of black and white geometric planes.

• Melissa Hudson’s Pendant is a sterling silver grid that’s also a symbol used to tell other hobos if a town had a jail.

• Keren Asaf’s Pendant suspends an open ended grid inspired by the sleek lines of De Stijl.

• Brett Eichmann’s Grid is a sculpture made of interlocking planes of douglas fir.

• Ben Kafton’s Grid Landscape is a screen print depicting a fragmented collage of grids, rivers, and marbled surfaces.

• Rita’s Ring is made of sterling silver etched and oxidized into a detailed grid.

• Brett’s Pendant is a deep, three dimensional grid made of polished sterling silver.

• John and Catherine Andrews’ Jatoba is a print of a smudged grid that has the rich complexity of a individual fingerprint.