Black Rooster

Black feathers and jewels make a charming couple.

• Peter Lippmann’s Luxury Chicks series for Marie Claire magazine models jewelry on real chickens, whose plumage provides an oddly appropriate framework for the delicate accessories. The birds are reminiscent of Renaissance royalty with all their fineries displayed in their portraits.

• Kate MccGwire’s Host is an undulating loop of pigeon feathers that resembles the surface of a tree, textured with lichen.

• Jeff Tse’s Bird of Paradise captures a feather headdress that envelops the model like a crowd of dark butterflies.

• Liat Ginzburg’s Hayworth Necklace drops dramatic fringe made of black and white perspex from a gold-plated brass chain.

• Plastique’s Lorem Ipsum Necklace is a black acrylic sign that allows other designers to spot you from a mile away.

• Seedling Design Studio’s Necklace suspends an interlocking chain of hexagons and loops, created with 3D printing technology.

• Kostas’ Ring Set consists of two sterling bands, one silver and one oxidized, with floating bezels nesting rubies.

• Jennifer Loiselle’s Brooch spells out “bonjour” in black glitter perspex – a bold and fabulous name tag.

Laura Long’s Lost II is a black and white linocut of an abstract walk through the woods at night.

• Svetlana’s City at Night is an abstract acrylic painting of converging paths and fleeting impressions.

• Marta Coderque’s Ring extends raspberry agates from branches of oxidized silver.