Below the Surface

We may not have been on a deep sea dive (yet), but we can well imagine what might be down there.

• Angelica Arendt’s Sculptures are intricate arrangements of droplets and spirals made from polymer clay. The organic shapes and vivid colors are reminiscent of coral reefs or sea creatures. And who knows, with so much of the deep sea left undiscovered, they might even exist.

• Amy Eisenfeld Genser’s River Run is a coral reef made out of rolled pieces of mulberry paper, layered thickly to resembled crusty bits of sea life.

• This Giant Sea Kelp is a network of murky underwater skyscrapers located near Catalina Island.

• Patsy Oxley’s Bracelet is made from rectangular pieces of ocean-hued enamel linked by sterling silver. Her Earrings suspend droplets of blue enamel dotted with white.

• Daniel Moe’s Wave recreates the dramatic waters of Kalapana, Hawaii in glass.

• James Nowak’s Sea Fan is made of glass with a swirling pattern of turquoise and aquamarine.

• Aizie’s Pisces Ring is a chunky piece of resin shimmering with neon green and blue scales.

• Jan Tozzo’s Vase made of glass and slightly tilted to show off the green and deep coral interior.

• Seaside Prints’ Blue Sea Kelp gets its near-abstract network from an antique illustration that’s been digitally enhanced and set against a tea-stained linen background.

• Knitting Guru’s Necklace suspends crocheted green and blue swirls lined with glass beads.