Beach Glass

How many ways can you turn fragments of glass into art?

• Daniel Arsham’s Glass Figures recreate soft forms and folds of clothing from tiny fragments of shattered glass.

• Angela Palmer’s Self-Portraits are topographies of the human head that resemble rivers viewed from above.

• The Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California transformed from garbage dump to art installation by an entirely natural process. State cleanup programs removed the damage of unregulated trash disposal during early twentieth century, but the small pieces of glass became part of the landscape over the course of several decades.

• Tam Van Tran’s The Radiance of Awareness suggests spiraling waves of sea water with a curved canvas tinted with spirulina and chlorophyll.

• Naomi Berg’s Candle Holders are made from reclaimed window glass into simple and elegant votives.

• Leslie’s Pendant wraps a leather chain around a glass ring made from a Coca Cola bottle.

• Lauren Becker’s Bowl is crafted from reclaimed window glass with a raised wave-like pattern on the bottom.

• These Earrings by Made Community suspend clear blue recycled glass pieces from silver hoops.

• These Tumblers by ReFlamed Glassworks are made from recycled wine bottles in subtle shades of green-blue.

• This Pendant Lamp by Wolf Art Glass is blown from recycled bottles into a bell-shaped design.

• Lisa and Lars’ Necklace frames five pieces of sea-green recycled glass with a long string of blue and silver beads.

• Christy Young’s Glass Vase has an undulating rim reminiscent of rippling water.