Bare Branches

Here are a few reasons why trees stripped of leaves provide just as much graphic inspiration as those in full bloom.

• Anastasia Ugorskaya’s Trees reveals a ghostly forest receding into the distance with light washes of watercolor.

• The Alexandre Herchcovitch Fall 2013 Collection managed to interpret florals without any touch of sugar-coated daintiness. Simple silhouettes, inspired by the structure of flowers, provided the backdrop for graphic prints of spider orchids.

• The branches and leaves of Yuken Teruya’s surreal Paper Bag Trees are made of  the most mundane of materials – take out bags.

• Jessica Howard’s Serving Tray and Bowl have close-ups of bold red tree branches painted on their white surfaces.

• Kira Call’s Teapot has the outline of an aged tree carved out of porcelain slip to reveal the rich surface of stoneware clay.

• Peter Mclisky’s Magazine Rack is made of steel cut into the silhouette of a bonsai garden.

• Laurie Bartholomew’s Earrings sets the outline of a tree against blazing red enamel.

• Pam Thompson’s Pillow Covers have a cherry blossom print to brighten up winter evenings.

• This Dress by Morphic Clothing is made of ruby red merino fabric with black branches covering the sides.

• Annemiek Mion’s Tote Bag is made from the red leather fabric recycled from a couch, and is printed with silvery branches.