• At first glance, Michael Grab’s Rock Balance sculptures appear to challenge the very idea of equilibrium. They’re constructed with nothing but a few rocks and a deep understanding of their texture, weight, and orientation relative to other rocks. The absolute focus and self confidence required to balance rocks creates a meditative practice, and you can catch a glimpse of how Michael works in this video.

• Giuseppe Randazzo’s Stone Fields are virtual stones arranged by a computational method of fractals and code.

• Mitsuru Koga finds stones along the seashore and polishes them into vases and small sculptures reminiscent of Brancusi’s work.

• Colby’s Pebble Ring is a sterling silver band inspired by pebbles smoothed in the rivers of the Rocky Mountains.

• Emily’s Deep Cove Ring is made of sterling silver and cast from a real pebble.

• Laëtitia’s Pillow is a large, soft pebble made from grey and cream wool.

• Polina’s Earrings wrap silver strands around black polymer clay.

• Stacy’s Ring frames a grey stone in silver. (Be sure to look at the photograph of the beach where the stone came from.)

• Sarah’s Acadia Necklace wraps a beach stone in fine, twisting strands of silver.