If Bacchus and Salvador Dali ever got together, it would be quite a night.

• Nick Thomm’s Bacchus multiplies the wine god’s smooth marble head against a psychedelic background.

• These Earrings by Delfina Delettrez are diamond-encrusted fingers dripping aventurine venom. They are part of her Infinity series of Dali-approved jewelry pieces.

• Michael Dotson’s Props is a painting of floating architectural planes that belong in a surreal video game.

• Dana Haim’s Mobile suspends strings of blue-green pom poms from deer antler sheds. Another Mobile has peachy fringe attached to deer antler sheds.

• Frank McCauley’s Avengence is a painted and screen-printed maelstrom of monstrous imagery.

• Nanette Gilligan’s Lilith depicts Adam’s first wife with a dainty skirt and African mask. Her Pieta gives the classic icon a Mod makeover complete with a butterfly, lizard, and loose limbs.

• MK Wind’s Necklace layers sterling silver and copper sheets with overlapping wavy cut-outs.

• Aisyah Ang’s Conjunction is an abstract diptych of waves floating through an neon green and magenta landscape.

• Nicholas Hartley’s Stool-Pidgeon is a surreal sculpture of silver rods criss-crossing a wooden pigeon skull and spine.