The withered lotus slowly dips its blackened finger into the water, distorting the reflections of the surrounding reeds as they swirl around the textured form, trying to quench its parched skin, or hold on to their tangible lines. An old Japanese master at work, he creates brush strokes that flow through lines of spontaneity into a cool melody of abstract shape.

The dry shell of its leaf floats below like a forgotten piece of brown parchment, collecting fallen pieces of the moon. These luminescent dewdrops settle as glass spheres in their lackluster surroundings, as the thin leaf of the reed lowers its delicate arch, almost touching its dying neighbor. Veins of life, branching out like the Amazon, are imprinted upon its mint-green skin.

The solemn catfish swims by, saddened by autumn, and erases the fragile reflections.

Photos by Katrina