Against the Grain

Geometric abstraction gets its feathers ruffled as clean lines become intersecting, wavering mazes.

Jason Middlebrook’s Plank Paintings frame abstract, geometric fragments within the natural contours of wood. The sharpness of the black and white patterns contrasts with the rough edges and wavy grain of the surface. And yet, Middlebrook suggests that geometric abstraction as an art form was inspired directly from nature.

• The Helmut Lang Fall 2013 Collection was inspired by Picasso’s deconstructive take on the female body during his cubist period.

• Lucas Simões’ Desmemória M.R.H. is constructed from fragments of photographs and acrylic. Perhaps it’s a modern version of Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase.

• Kerry Layton’s Postcard Set has graphic black and white designs perfect for those who take a minimalist approach to correspondence.

• Dianna Gendron’s Cuffs are made of sterling silver hammered with slanting vertical lines.

• Sarah Homans’ Necklace combines strips of worn metal riveted to an aluminum teardrop.

• Marisa’s Living in the City print is a pen and ink drawing that resembles tree bark dappled by sunlight.

• Keren Asaf’s Necklace suspends black brass stripes framed in an abstract geometric shape.

• Elizabeth Benotti’s Bowl has black herringbone lines carved into its white surface.

• Susan’s Vase has uneven scrafitto pinstripes on its black surface that echo the wabi-sabi aesthetic of imperfect beauty.

• Bethany’s Bow Belt has a black and white stripe print that would make a bold complement to any outfit.