Abstract Earth

• What looks like a cabbage leaf is actually the Lena River Delta, a wildlife refuge located between the tip of Siberia and the Arctic Ocean. The area is a frozen tundra for seven months of the year, but the floods in the spring attract various species of migratory birds. To see more stunning, and often mind-bending, landscapes, download NASA’s Earth As Art, which comes as a free pdf or iPad app.

• Nobu Miake’s Fadeless is a series of vases that suspend a single flower upside down as it dries out. Instead of holding the weight of a short-lived bouquet, these vases are as light as the stems they frame.

• Marcia’s Happy Dance covers a bright yellow canvas with short, dynamic brushstrokes.

• Lynn’s Pendant is a silver pansy with layers of purple and green enamel on its top petal.

• Isabella’s Necklace strings together crystal, amethyst, citrine, and pyrite in their raw, rough forms.

• Sonja’s Ring frames fused glass in a crackled pattern that looks like blocks of melting ice.

• Marian’s Journal binds a plum and yellow marbled surface with plum-colored linen book cloth.

• Carolyn’s Summer Light is an abstract painting that brings to mind a bunch of dandelions on a summer night.